Kosmo Catering Menu

Hoagie Tray
7 hoagies cut into 21 portions or 28 portions
All hoagies come with lettuce, tomato, onions, oil and salt, pepper, oregano
Choices: Tuna, Italian, Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Mixed Cheese and Veggie
Panini Tray
Choose up to 8 Paninis cut in half (16 portions)
Wrap Tray
Choose up to 8 different Wraps cut in half (16 portions)
Choice of tortilla, wheat, spinach, tomato, and plain
Choice of lettuce: baby spinach, spring mix, iceberg or romaine
Choice of dressings: balsamic, vinaigrette, 1000 island, ranch, bleu chees,e honeymustard, creamy Italian, lite Italian, raspberry vinaigrette, French Caesar, oil and vinegar
Garden Salad and Ceasar Salad
Garden Salad and Ceasar Salad with Chicken
Greek, Tuna, Chef, Caprese, Julienne
Chicken Cutlet and Antipasto
Any pizza order with 8 or more pizzas
$2.00 Off
Penne or Linguini with Marinara
Meatballs, Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken
Baked Penne
Chicken Parm with side of Linguini or Penne
Eggplant Parm with side of Penne or Linguine